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JAKO Founder Rudi Sprügel


Milestones of a German family business.

In 1957 Rudi Sprügel was born as the 6th of nine children in a small town called Hollenbach. During his active football career, the midfielder played in the German 2nd Bundesliga for the Würzburger Kickers amongst others. Until he started his own business, the trained industrial clerk worked in the sports store of his former football coach.

Nowadays, the father of two daughters, who are also working in leading position at JAKO, can only be found as a spectator on the sidelines of the football field. His active sports career is now taking place on the golf course where he ambitiously works on lowering his current +11 handicap.

LIVING SPORTS since 1989

From Athletes
For Athletes

  • JAKO 2016 - The JAKO Teamcenter


    The JAKO Teamcenter

    A new era is launched. With our new JAKO Teamcenter in Hollenbach we can serve even more clubs in our usual manner: fast and reliable. Small fully automated robots deliver the articles to our logisticians, modern office spaces with glass walls characterize our administration and our collection is presented in a showroom with over 700 m².

  • JAKO 2013 - JAKO auf Platz 1 im 'markt intern' Teamsport-Leistungsspiegel


    JAKO is defending champion

    Once again winning the performance review title „team sport 2014“ of the trade journal markt intern, shows that working specialist-retail-market oriented pays off. The retail sports specialist themselves awarded the grades and once again chose JAKO as their number 1 for the second year in a row. This award is a great incentive for JAKO to keep pursuing its work with retailers and stay their number 1.

  • JAKO 2014 - JAKO dots as a new design element


    JAKO-dots for the anniversary

    Right on time for the anniversary year JAKO presents a new design element: the JAKO dots. The concise logo connects the traditional figurative mark with a powerful dynamic design.

  • JAKO 2013 - 1st place for JAKO in the performance list


    1st place for JAKO

    The JAKO initiated sports retail campaign “team sports – JUST IN TIME”, which is supporting retailers in forming an even more effective approach for cooperation with clubs and teams, is paying off: JAKO takes 1st place in the performance list of the specialist retail magazine markt intern. LIVING SPORTS.

  • 2012

    JAKO 2012 - almost a 25% of the German Bundesliga- dressed in JAKO
    4 teams- almost a 25% of the German Bundesliga- dressed in JAKO

    JAKO? The brand that was founded in a garage in 1989? YES! The factors of success are still the same. Absolute availability, comprehensive service with lots of personality. Amateurs as well as professional clubs know that JAKO treats them right.

  • JAKO 2010 - the new JAKO Shop Concept


    JAKO –German Champions

    On the sports fields and in the gyms – JAKO has become part of the scene and cannot be imagined without. No wonder – over 50.000 teams are wearing JAKO jerseys. And, JAKO teams are winning titles: German Basketball, Volleyball and Ice-Hockey Champion. At JAKO more is always possible. The JAKO brand presence in sports shops is getting a new look. Our basis: the new JAKO Shop Concept.

  • JAKO 2009 - the new JAKO logo


    20 years of JAKO!

    The anniversary present for JAKO is a new logo. Designed in the light and fresh JAKO-blue color that recalls on its river origin, the two river symbols are closed in by a circle. Furthermore the new slogan: LIVING SPORTS. This combines everything JAKO stands for: for real sports. For lived sports. For team spirit, fair play and the enthusiasm to support all teams and athletes on their way to reach their team and personal goals.

  • 2006

    JAKO 2006 - running product line expansion JAKO 2006 - JAKO-Arena
    JAKO on new ways

    With the expansion of the product line, new sporting disciplines such as basketball and running amongst others are added to the JAKO catalogue. Which by now is over 400 pages in size. In addition and with the help of the Brose Baskets and the JAKO-Arena in Bamberg a real coup is landed. Together with JAKO the Baskets are turning into German basketball title collectors. JAKO is the team behind the team – for all teams, no matter if it is on grass or hardwood.

  • JAKO 2002 - combined high bay and commissioning storage


    The JAKO AG

    On May 14th 2002 a new milestone is reached: the JAKO Sportartikelvertriebs GmbH is turning into a joint stock cooperation now called JAKO AG. From this moment on almost 100 employees are proud owners of 10 stocks, that were handed out to the workforce. With the implementation of the combined high bay and commissioning storage and therefore resulting transition of the warehouse management system JAKO is getting ready for future endeavors.

  • JAKO 1999 - the new office building


    From Athletes for Athletes

    The goal is simple: with sporting ambition to the highest level of German Bundesliga, FC Freiburg makes the gift of reaching this milestone – just in time for the 10th company anniversary. JAKO is now in the German Bundesliga. Another present is a new office building, which is completing the remodeling of the high bay storage and commissioning area. Simply first class.

  • JAKO 1994 - JAKO has become an established supplier


    You can count on JAKO

    Supply availability, outstanding price and performance ratio, and the special, personalized JAKO service become the very essence of the company up to today. In 1994 JAKO generated a sales turnover in the two-digit million Euro range, the working area had been doubled and the catalogue became 44 pages - compared to only 12 pages in 1990. JAKO has become an established supplier in team sports apparel.

  • JAKO 1991 - JAKO is a private label available for sports retail


    JAKO – a private label

    The JAKO collection is a big hit! The company’s planned sales turnover is surpassed by 300% in the first year. New potentials are discovered – starting now JAKO is a private label available for sports retail. It is obviously clear: JAKO grows as fast as JAKO delivers.

  • JAKO 1989 - the JAKO startup garage


    The wait is over

    November 9th 1989. The wall is falling. The nation celebrates. The whole nation? Almost. On this day Rudi Sprügel registers the JAKO Sportartikel GmbH. The idea – clubs close to his home – between the rivers Jagst and Kocher – can now acquire a clothing collection that is always on stock. Appropriate for the region, the name of the company becomes JAKO. The companies first location is his brother’s garage in the small town of Stachenhausen. Time for kick-off.

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