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JAKO Fairplay



All JAKO products conform to all prevailing norms regarding toxin-prohibition and safety standards and are tested regularly according to their compliance with these norms and standards. Suppliers and pre-suppliers guarantee that all fabrics and accessories comply with the requirements of the European Chemicals Regulation REACH.

Children‘s ApparelChildren‘s Apparel

It is strictly ensured that all products for children sizes are in compliance with all existing safety rules. For example the length of drawstring at the waistband are limited and all hoods for children are made without drawstring.

Quality managementQuality management

At the JAKO head office in Hollenbach / Germany we submit ourselves regulary to voluntary auditions of our processes to meet the requirements and get certified for a working quality management system according to the international standard of DIN EN ISO 9001:2008.

Quality standardsQuality standards

To define highest quality standards and excellent functionality we closely work with our suppliers and pre-suppliers

early in the development phase. These quality requirements are verified by extensive product testing conducted by JAKO accredited, independent certification institutes as TÜV SÜD, TÜV Rhineland or Intertec.

Textile TestingTextile Testing

All fabrics go through a number of various tests that evaluate the physical characteristics, particularly abrasion resistance and tear strength. To avoid colour bleeding and discolouration all fabrics run from the beginning on through colour fastness testings. All prints and applied logos are tested for stability and durability and also the functionality of all zips is ensured by intensive tests. Before serial production starts the pre-production sample is inspected for visual appearance, measurements and colours as well as on washing resistance after several washing cycles.

Quality controlsQuality controls

During the manufacturing process the product quality is controlled and optimized in a random basis by quality inspectors and independent test certification institutes. Every product delivery that arrives at the JAKO warehouse in Germany is being inspected. Only after the release of the JAKO quality assurance team the delivery can be stored and shipped to our customers.



For years now JAKO is a member of the initiative “social fair” of the organization ANFI (Association of Non Food Importers), which defines six standards for social fairness.

Fairplay Social-Fair

Code of Conduct

Moreover JAKO has defined a code of conduct for its suppliers and during frequent visits supervises their compliance with the defined standards.

Suppliers commit themselves to a respectful relationship with employees and commit themselves to guarantee safe and healthy working environments. The weekly working hours for employees are limited and an appropriate remuneration has to be ensured. Immoderate overtime hours as well as forced labour or child labour are strictly prohibited.

Fairplay Code of Conduct


To supervise the compliance with prohibition of child labour, the JAKO ball manufacturing plants are inspected and certified by IMAC (Independent Monitoring Association for Child Labour).

IMAC monitors the prohibition of child labour as well as the requirement for human working conditions in unannounced on-spot inspections.


Our aim is to improve the in-house environmental balance in a sustainable manner. In October 2012 JAKO moved into a new warehouse at its head office in Hollenbach / Germany, which is with the use of the latest technologies completely energy- efficient. For the future it is planned and already initiated to only use electricity made of renewable energy sources.

Fairplay Energy


The improvements not only apply to JAKO but also to the whole supply chain. Our production partners started various projects to use energy and raw materials in a very efficient manner. For example during work breaks lights, air-conditioning and manufacturing machines are turned off. Optimizing the cutting process and an efficient use of production methods significantly reduces waste. Furthermore, fabrics and accessories are delivered with the same means of transport as the finished goods are removed from the production plant.

Fairplay Environment

Fair partners

JAKO emphasizes on longterm and cooperative relationships with the suppliers. Due to personal partnerships over many years it is possible to guarantee social responsibility and fair working conditions. Moreover the quality of JAKO products profits in a sustainable and measurable manner by involving suppliers in decision-makings and process optimizations.

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